Today the Student Scientific Society (SSS) was held at our department. SNO began with a welcoming speech by M.D. Akhmedova. She introduced the attendees to the conference participants, also that the time limit will be 7 minutes, and 3 minutes are given for the discussion of the presentation.

Akhmedova M.D. stressed the importance of new information and new knowledge in the field of infectious diseases. She wished each participant good luck and success in the upcoming reports on the scientific work done.

We listened to all the participants, all the reports were very interesting and very informative, the presentations were bright, colorful and the latest technologies were used in creating slides.

But different from all the others, the work of two students who paid special attention to the collection of material and data for scientific work, the design of the slides, and most importantly, they were able to show the scientific novelty of their work.

All participants were awarded certificates and keepsakes.