It is known that infectious diseases always represent a serious medical and social problem for the population, they are prone to epidemics, they are often very difficult and pose a threat to human life. The hot climate in the territory of Uzbekistan, in the summer, the widespread acute intestinal infections at this time of the year, the distress of the region due to especially dangerous infections, leads to the demand of infectious disease doctors in health care. According to the curriculum, clinical residency provides a 2-year full-time course of study, which includes seminars and practical exercises and practical work in the departments of the clinic and on the bases under the guidance of attached teachers. In addition to the basic basic subject of infectious diseases (2812 hours), the clinical intern must master the related disciplines: clinical pharmacology (72 hours), valeology (36 hours), phthisiology (144 hours). Clinical residents independently supervise patients, according to the curriculum, attend lectures of professors and associate professors, participate in scientific conferences. Involved in research work, develop clinical material on the scientific problem of the department.

At the infectious and pediatric infectious diseases department there are study 6 residents

Tursunova Madina – 2 year resident
Khujabecov Akhror – 1 year resident
Meliqosimova Barchinoy – 1 year resident
Umarova Saodat – 1 year resident
Tulboev Bekzod – 1 year resident
Ikromov Komil – 1 year resident