At the Department of Infectious and Pediatric Infectious Diseases there are two areas of the Master’s program: “Infectious Diseases” and “Children’s Infectious Diseases”:


Infectious diseases are the most important section in medicine and represent a serious medical and social problem for the population.

In modern conditions, there are many infectious diseases, and therefore, the need for infectious disease physicians, who fully possess the necessary skills for complex treatment of infectious diseases, with various combinations and complications, increases the value of specialists of this level.

In addition, masters – infectious disease specialists, being highly qualified specialists, will be able to carry out not only therapeutic and preventive work, but also administrative and managerial, medico-social and organizational and methodological work in health care.

In connection with the above, the master of infectious diseases can be in demand in modern conditions in full.

According to the curriculum, the magistracy in the specialties “Infectious Diseases” and “Children’s Infectious Diseases” provides for a 3-year full-time course of study.