Associate professor, PhD


  • 1975-1981 y. Tashkent State Medical Institute
  • 1983-1985 y. Clinical residency

Work activity:

  • 1995y. “Interferon status in pregnant women with viral hepatitis B” thesis for the candidate med. sciences.
  • Since 1991 y-  Associate Professor of the Department of  Infectious and Children’s Infectious Diseases
  • Since 2012 y- director of the Master’s program in the specialty “Infectious Diseases”
  • Member of the problem commission for infectious diseases of microbiology and epidemiology of TMA.
  • Scientific directions – clinical and immunological features of parasitic diseases.

 Scientific activity:

1995 y-  Interferon status in pregnant women with viral hepatitis B” thesis for the candidate med. sciences.

Main practical directions:

Acute intestinal infectious and parasitic diseases

Main research directions:

Intestinal parasitic disease

Awards: No

List of published works:


  • Influence of the preparation immun-5 on some immunity indices in chronic viral hepatitis B. Journal of Theoretical and Clinical Medicine, № 2002. P.73-74.
  • The influence of immunomodulators on the clinical course of parasitosis. Problems of biology and medicine. No. 3. Samarkand-2009, P.140-141.
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  • The current state of the organization and conduct of a response to the spread of HIV / AIDS in the RU. New training courses and innovative teaching methods for prevention and treatment of HIV and tuberculosis Suzdal 1-20 October, 2011
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  • Изменение белкового спектора крови у больных циррозом печени. Инфекция, иммунитет и фармакология 2017 Том 2 стр 216-223

Учебно-методические разработки:

  • Лечение гельминтозов и лямблиоза. Методическая рекомендация Ташкент 2008 г.
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