– aim and tasks
Aim: to acquaint students with the most prevalent infectious diseases in the Republic of Uzbekistan and of importance for general practitioners; to work out practical arts in clinical diagnosis and medical aid to patients at pre-hospital stage; implementation of anti-epidemic measures in foci of infectious diseases and among contact individuals.
Development of skills in early and differential diagnosis of the most prevalent in the Republic and imported infectious diseases in adults and children using anamnesis and data of clinical and laboratory examination.
To teach rational therapy at home, emergency pre-hospital actions, prophylaxis at home, prophylactic medical examination and rehabilitation of convalescents in infectious diseases.
Implementation of pedagogical and research activity at higher and secondary medical educational institutions.

Tasks of education:
1. to teach bases of infectology
2. to teach etiology and epidemiology of infectious diseases
3. to analyze etiopathgenetic mechanisms and pathologic anatomy of infectious diseases
4. to characterize clinical course of infectious diseases
5. to explain principles of early differential diagnosis and laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases
6. to train differential diagnosis of infectious diseases and assistance to infectious patients in emergency
7. to teach the principles of complex therapy and prophylaxis of infectious diseases
8. to train antiepidemic measures in foci and among contact individuals on suspicion to infectious diseases and especially dangerous infectious diseases
– Training base
Tashkent Medical Academy, Infectious diseases division of III clinic;
Epidemiology, microbiology and infectious diseases research institute Republic Infectious diseases clinic

– Material and technical base
There are 19 study rooms for students, 2 lecture rooms, 1 library, 1 museum, 1 room for checking practical skills, 1 room for resident students and one room for master students.
The common amount of posters are 38 (from them 30 teaching posters).

– Clinical bases
1. III clinic of TMA, Infectious diseases department
2. Epidemiology, microbiology and infectious diseases research institute Republic Infectious diseases clinic
3. 1st municipal Infectious diseases clinic
4. Clinic of Virology research institute
5. Tashkent center of control of HIV-infection.
6. 5st municipal Infectious diseases clinic
7. 32 out-patient department